Cabot is in outer space?

Cabot Norit Activated Carbon's products are being used aboard the International Space Station to provide astronauts with purified potable water for food rehydration and consumption.

Did you know...


DARCO H2S is a specialty activated carbon, developed for removing hydrogen sulfide from air streams and eliminating "sewage odors". DARCO H2S is the most cost effective carbon based solution available for the removal of “nuisance” type odors. It is produced by steam activation at high temperature using a proprietary process, which does not involve the use of any impregnant. As a result, the risk of bed fires due to exothermic reactions is greatly reduced. DARCO H2S is produced as a 4x8 mesh granular carbon to provide a low-pressure drop in gas phase applications, making it suitable for use in the adsorption equipment at many of the existing odor control installations.

DARCO<sup>®</sup> H<sub>2</sub>S
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