Cabot is contributing to a cleaner environment?

Thousands of customers rely on Cabot Norit Activated Carbon products to purify their products and their operations, which in turn leads to a cleaner environment for all of us.

Did you know...

Custom-Designed Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) Systems For Mercury Control

As a leader in the purification processes, Cabot Norit Activated Carbon designs powdered activated carbon (PAC) systems for a variety of needs. These PAC systems pneumatically inject the carbon from a storage silo into the flue gas ductwork of a coal-fired power plant. The PAC adsorbs the vaporized mercury from the flue gas and is then collected with the fly ash in the plant's particulate collection device.

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An activated carbon injection (ACI) system has long been recognized as the most effective commercial technology for reducing mercury emissions from coal-fired boiler flue gases. It is a cost-efficient way to reduce mercury emissions from most coal-fired boilers. An ACI system from Cabot can reduce mercury emissions by more than 90% (depending upon the type of coal being burned and the type of air pollution control equipment installed on the plant). And Cabot has been leading the way in research and development in this industry. Cabot systems have been in operation for more than 15 years.

The standard features of a Cabot ACI system include:


  • 14-foot diameter, up to 120 feet tall
  • Welded steel construction with structural skirt
  • Roof-mounted 24-inch diameter manway hatch with pressure and vacuum relief valve
  • OSHA-compliant caged ladder to silo roof
  • Up to three product discharge connections with knife-gate isolation valves
  • Air fluidization system for reliable PAC discharge
  • Fill pipe with cap
  • Paint: SP-6 prep, epoxy prime and finish paint standard

Bin Vent Filter

  • Pulse cleaned cartridge design
  • 99.999% efficient for particles >0.5µm

Feed Systems

  • Rotary valves to fill feed hoppers
  • Feed hopper
  • Stainless steel volumetric or gravimetric feeder with metering and conditioning augers
  • 480V inverter duty motor, gear reducer
  • Speed adjusted with variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Regenerative blower
  • Eductor
  • Automated diverter valve assembly

Truck Unloading Panel

  • NEMA 4X panel with switches, indicating lights and alarms Power Distribution and Marshalling Panel
  • Shop-mounted in silo electrical room or attached to the silo.
  • NEMA 4X panel
  • DCS terminal blocks for integration with plant controls
  • Optional PLC or local control panel for maintenance operation.
  • Shop-wired and tested


  • Redundant radar level transmitters measure PAC level in silo
  • Blower discharge pressure and eductor suction pressure switches
  • Bin vent filter switch

Silo Enclosures

  • Lighting and convenience recepticals
  • Space heaters and ventilation fans
  • Skirt interior wall insulation

PAC Distribution

  • Custom manifolds with isolation valves and flex hoses
  • Custom injection lances with mounting flanges

Other Options Available Include:

  • Stairways - easier roof access
  • Level Roof Grating - safety for snowy climates
  • Air compressors and air dryers - if not available on-site
  • Jib Crane - for equipment access to roof
  • Pre assembly and Field Installation
  • Technical Support for Start-up and Commissioning
  • On-Site Operator Training
  • Many others...

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