Cabot is contributing to a cleaner environment?

Thousands of customers rely on Cabot Norit Activated Carbon products to purify their products and their operations, which in turn leads to a cleaner environment for all of us.

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Mercury removal

Cabot is the world leader in mercury emission control

Mercury emissions from coal-fired generators are a major environmental concern due to the toxicity and persistance of mercury that accumulates in our waterways. New regulations to limit mercury emissions from coal-fired generators are being enacted in the United States, Canada and other countries around the globe.

Cabot Norit Activated Carbon is uniquely qualified with more mercury emission systems installed in the coal fired power plant industry than any other company. Cabot pioneered the use of activated carbon for mercury capture beginning with municipal waste incineration in the 1980s. Cabot's DARCO® Hg family of powdered activated carbon (PAC) products leads the power industry in market share and testing. And with almost 100 years of experience in activated carbon product innovation, Cabot is leading the industry in developing new products that are tailored to meet customers’ needs. Learn more about Cabot's newest product advancement, DARCO Hg-LH EXTRA.

Cabot pioneered the use of PAC technology for mercury and dioxin emission control, including the development and supply of storage silos  and dust free dosing units specifically designed for flue gas treatment. Treatment systems designed and installed by Cabot, and using Cabot specialty PACs are currently in operation in many locations.

If you need a solution for mercury emissions, Cabot can provide plant-tested and proven technology based on powdered activated carbon injection to cost-effectively meet new regulations without disrupting operations.

Proven Plant-Tested Sorbent Injection Systems
The computer controlled feeders, storage silos, and PAC injection equipment engineered by Cabot are designed for long term reliability, low maintenance, and ease of operation. In addition to custom equipment designed for direct integration into your plant layout and existing process control system, Cabot can provide specialty powdered activated carbon tailored for mercury emission removal from a variety of different flue gas compositions.

For unmatched equipment reliability, technical support, and value, a Cabot turnkey sorbent injection system is the mercury emission control solution of choice for the power industry.

These products can help:
DARCO<sup>®</sup> Hg


Powdered activated carbon

Industry standard for mercury removal in coal fired utility flue gas streams

DARCO<sup>®</sup> Hg-CC EXTRA


Powdered activated carbon

Premium impregnated sorbent for coal fired utility market

DARCO<sup>®</sup> Hg-LH EXTRA


Powdered activated carbon

Premium impregnated sorbent for coal fired utility market

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